27 Of The Best K-Beauty Products Worth The Hype

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Building the ultimate K-beauty routine is not for the weak. Search up the best Korean skincare, makeup, and haircare launches and you’ll see thousands of brands all vying to secure a top spot. From clinic-inspired serums to juicy lip tints, an overwhelming amount of options exist for any category you can think of, no matter how niche. So what’s actually worth the hype?


I spent five weeks in Seoul this spring working my way through as many products as I could get my hands on. From TikTok-viral toners to iconic cleansing oils, here’s what actually lived up to the hype. Some of these launches have cult status in Korea, consistently ranking high on Hwahae (an ingredient analysis and review aggregator app that publishes some of the most trusted rankings in Korea) or always securing a spot in my friends’ bathroom cabinets. Others are more well-known globally or belong to up-and-coming brands just starting to make a splash. Regardless, they impress.

Best Cleansing Oil: Ma:nyo Pure Cleansing Oil Deep Clean 

Ma:nyo makes one of the most iconic cleansing oils in K-beauty, known to remove even the most stubborn waterproof mascaras with minimal effort. The brand has sold 10 million bottles of its original version globally and it’s been part of my daily routine for awhile. But this recently launched Deep Clean edition, which I tested during a visit to Ma:nyo headquarters, is even better: more lightweight and made to melt off your stay-all-day lip tints and eye makeup in a flash. I keep a bottle in my shower and instantly panic when I start running low.