8 Beauty Products That Elevated My WFH Routine

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It’s very easy to fall into a work-from-home slump. As exciting as it is to work at home in the early days, it’s equally easy to forget about all those perks that first excited you. One of the many advantages of working from home is the ability to spend your breaks in your own home instead of in a break room that always smells like burnt popcorn. A productive way to use those breaks is to lean on the beauty products that wouldn’t normally be a part of our work days if we worked outside of the home. 


Vegan Heartleaf Cica Mask

Ready to up the ante? If you have no video meetings on the calendar, no one needs to know that you’re polishing off your upcoming report while also enjoying a soothing sheet mask. This vegan sheet mask is one of my new favorites. Unlike a lot of sheet masks, it doesn’t leave that sticky feeling after you take it off, and it’s really soothing after a little too much summer sun.