Calming Cica Serums By Laura McQuarrie

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Manyo's Our Vegan Heartleaf 98 Cica Serum Soothes Stressed Skin

Manyo's Our Vegan Heartleaf 98 Cica Serum shares a powerful formula for gently soothing stressed-out skin and supporting long-lasting hydration and comfort. Centella asiatica extract is a key component of the formula, along with other plant-based additions like bambusa vulgaris water, an extract from the common bamboo plant.

To make the most of the product, the brand recommends applying a generous amount along facial contours, then tapping it with the fingers to support full absorption into the skin.

The product is ideal for those who experience redness and sensitivity, and it offers a cost-effective way to keep the skin looking and feeling calm and happy. Cica is a popular skincare ingredient that is known for its moisturizing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and it is especially appealing to those who want to support and protect the skin from damage.