GALACTOMYCES Is the Skin Care Ingredient You Probably Didn’t Know YOU NEEDED

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We’re not gonna lie. It seems like every week there’s a viral new skin care product or hack that will allegedly give us that celebrity glass skin we crave. But skin care does come down to science. And with knowledge comes power, so we’re dropping an up-and-coming skin care ingredient on you—galactomyces.


The ingredient’s name may sound intergalactic but according to dermatologist Dr. Aleksandra Brown, the ingredient is rooted in the Earth. “Galactomyces is a type of yeast,” she explains. “It is extracted from sake (Japanese rice wine), so it is not synthetic.” She continues to add that galactomyces “works well with other products and may even increase their effectiveness.” Typically, it’s called galactomyces ferment filtrate, and it’s used in essence, toner, or serum that’s usually applied at the beginning of a skincare routine.


In even better news, Dr. Brown says that galactomyces is suitable for all skin colors, and it’s even safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. She adds a word of caution for “those prone to pityrosporum folliculitis, aka ‘fungal acne.’” There’s a chance galactomyces can worsen the condition, so it’s best to test products first before committing.  
Below are some of the galactomyces products we’re gushing over.