How did we get to where we are today?
Because of our love for the wellness of your skin.
We've done the hard work by meticulously creating
skincare formulas that don't include harmful,
synthetic ingredients, which often irritate the skin.
We've created our vegan products with natural, clean plant
extracts which means a shelf life of 2 years or less,
so you know our products are created with the freshest
of ingredients. Our clinically-proven formulas
have won a multitude of awards and reviews and
our passion towards helping save the planet includes
minimizing plastic packaging yet ensuring our products
are recyclable after use.

We travel far and wide to find the best ingredients
in nature to aid in providing the best skincare for every skin type.
Our products are foumulated with natural preservatives
which means that zero harmful ingredients aren't included
in any of our products

By using the freshest of ingredients, this also means a shorter
shelf life of 2years or less. Our love of animals means
we're cruelty-free and have partnered up
with Korean Animal Rights Adovocates (KARA)
to support animal welfare in Korea.

We honor and respect the land we live on and are
committed to helping preserve the planet and natural
resources we co-exist in.

We proudly keep our plastic packaging use at
a minumum and we're always thinking about more
ways to minimize waste in the future.

Even our eco-friendly paper packaging is derived
from natural sugar cane and we print with soy ink.
Additionally, our products and packaging meet the recycling
standards for glass PP, and PET

When it comes to skincare, we hear you.
You want to see results and we have the proof.
Our pure cleansing oil alone has over 98k reviews and
we've won awards from Allure, Glowpick, Olive Young,
and for the hugely popular beauty show, Get it Beauty Awards
to give you an idea.

This clinically-proven formula has demonstrated 10 skin-changing
magical results such as reducing blackheads and whiteheads

We have raving testimonials from influencers and celebrites
to beauty industry professionals, and we've even been featured
in a scene on the recoed-breaking Korean drama,
Crash Landing on You.