is a 100% vegan formulated line of products. The main ingredients in each product are Heartleaf Extract and Centella asiatica. The two ingredients combined help calm and soothe the skin. Additionally, the products leave the skin feeling hydrated and comfortable.

Our Vegan line includes a cleanser, toner, serum, cream, sheet mask, lip balm, sun screen and aloe gel. This is a low pH skincare line formulated for sensitive skin, leaving the skin feeling soft and comfortable. Our Vegan is EVE Vegan Certified and packaged in FSC packaging and printed with soy ink. We believe that even the smallest effort can make impact on the environment.


Houttuynia cordata Extract is also known as Heartleaf. It was harvested from Jirisan - the "treasure chest of nature," our high-quality heartleaf extracts underwent 144 hours of fermentation. They are extremely rich in soothing and repairing properties, leaving the skin feeling calm and well-protected.


Centella asiatica, also known as, Cica, comes from the Tiger Grass plant. Cica works to soothe and repair the skin to protect from breakouts and environmental damage. Paired together with Heartleaf is the perfect blend for soothing sensitive and acne prone skin.